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Elastic Stack 7.10.0 new features @redBus By Amit Kumar

Why do we need Live Error Tracking?

For a B2C application, with the real world scenario, likely 2050+ Real Desktop & Mobile web browsers combinations. In order to track the performance, corner cases, and load time we need to have a live-error tracking mechanism.

Since we have a users coming from Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3, adds the complexity of different browsers, devices, network combinations, hence needed a strong live-error tracking, customised for our setup.

  1. Developers to get debug information for better understanding the issue.

Information includes (device, browser, referrer, latency, headers , frequency of errors and lot more).

2. To reduce the turn around time for any production issue by 60-80%. …

Web worker by Amit Kumar
Web worker by Amit Kumar

A little of bit background on the context for this post can be found in my previous post, where I have explained on “how to achieve TTI under 4 Secs for performance optimisation, improved SEO Performance and better conversion rate”, Please have a look in the below link.

There are multiple situations in a performant webpage where increase in load time contributed by additional api calls or animations that block the Critical Rendering Path. And one has to live with it, due to the JS’s single thread architecture. …

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DrillDowns in Kibana

Drilldowns are nothing but a way to connect your visualization or dashboards which is build under kibana to another dashboards. There are many such cases where you cannot add all sorts of relevant data under one dashboard inside kibana. Let’s consider a usecase as below:-

redBus Mobile web

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Background : Performance

What is performance? One will consider performance in everything in day to day life for eg: an automobile, a smart phone, an electronic device etc… In similar terms, we talk about our web pages as well. There are several metrics to measure the performance of a webpage, we will explore them one by one as we go through this article.

Let’s understand that why is this important, is it worth spending time and effort?

The answer to this question is Yes and here are the reasons, why:

  1. Better user experience,
  2. More conversions, and
  3. Improved SEO performance. …


Amit Kumar

Engineering Manager@redBus.

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